SQuiShY’s aLbuM of tHE WeeK vOl. 20

Monty Python – Sings

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the birth of Monty Python celebrating the broadcast of the first show of the Flying Circus. This calls for finally getting back to these albums after a two month hiatus.

Monty Python Sings collects all the musical goodies of these masters of British comedy from (imho overplayed) „Always Look On The Bright Side…“ to lesser known but equally brilliant pieces like „The Decomposing Composers“ or Cleese’s epic „Eric The Half A Bee“.

The Pythons and their anarchic style were the pinnacle of a long line of BBC shows and their utter silliness paired with sharp intelligence has never again been reached. Their sketches and movies have become classics that are still quoted two generations later and have become one of Britain’s most prominent contributions to your human culture. Now, while some awareness for political correctness was necessary it has been so exaggerated to an extreme that it would make the Pythons impossible in today’s world. We’d really miss them.