SQuiShY’s aLbuM of tHE WeeK vOl. 10

Jeff Wayne – The War of the Worlds

A true classic! This is a musical… but it’s the musical adaptation of one of the ground-breaking stories by H. G. Wells, which is also known for its radio play version by Orson Welles, that was so realistic that many people panicked thinking there was truly an invasion from Mars going on. Later, Queen sung about this in „Radio Ga Ga“ (‚You gave them all those all time stars – Through wars of world invaded by Mars‘). Now, how does this science fiction story translate to a musical? Take an all-star cast from 70s rock (Justin Hayward [The Moody Blues], Phil Lynott [Thin Lizzy], …), spot on musicians plus a complete orchestra and disco rhythms, garnered with the incomparable narration by Richard Burton. What you get is epic…

Best of all, it’s got tentacles!